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Remy Ma Nude Selfie

Fat Joe, Remy Ma - All The Way Up ft. French Montana, Infared -

Remy Ma

Grammy Award winning artist with the rap group Terror Squad who was sentenced to eight years behind bars in 2007 for shooting a friend. She is one of only four female rappers to have a number one single on the Billboard Hot 100 chart She turned the frustrations of an impoverished childhood into raps that earned her notice. After winning her grammy award for Terror Squad's single Lean Back, she released her debut album, with the club anthem Conceited. Due to family drug abuse, she had to act as a surrogate mother to her younger siblings. She has a son named Jayson. After her first album, creative difference with Fat Joe and Terror Squad caused her to leave the group and make plans to strike out on her own.
Age: 33 years old
Birthday: May 30, 1981
Born: New York
Birth Sign: Gemini

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