Nude Selfie:Natasha Dupeyron

Natasha Dupeyron Naked Stories
Natasha Dupeyron Nude Selfie
Natasha Dupeyron Nude Selfie
Natasha Dupeyron Nude Selfie
Natasha Dupeyron Nude Selfie
Natasha Dupeyron Nude Selfie
Natasha Dupeyron Nude Selfie

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Natasha Dupeyron

Soap Opera Actress
Both a television actress and a pop vocalist, this Mexican entertainer starred in a youth telenovela called Peregrina and performed from 2011 until 2014 with a band called Eme 15. Additionally, she played the role of Natalia in a teen musical television series titled Miss XV. When she was less than three weeks old, she appeared on screen for the first time, in a telenovela called Doctor Cándido Pérez. She played a visually impaired teenager in the telenovela Juro Que Te Amo. She grew up in Mexico City as the daughter of actor Humberto Dupeyron. Her older siblings, Odin and Odette, also pursued acting careers. She and fellow Mexican actress Paulina Goto (born just a month apart in 1991) both performed with Eme 15 and co-starred in Miss XV; in addition, they were cast together in a telenovela called Las Mejores Amigas.
Age: 23 years old
Birthday: June 3, 1991
Born: Mexico
Birth Sign: Gemini

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