Nude Selfie:Isabelle Caro

Isabelle Caro Naked Stories
Isabelle Caro Nude Selfie
Isabelle Caro Nude Selfie
Isabelle Caro Nude Selfie
Isabelle Caro Nude Selfie
Isabelle Caro Nude Selfie
Isabelle Caro Nude Selfie
Isabelle Caro Nude Selfie

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Isabelle Caro

Remembered best as the subject of a highly controversial and, ultimately, banned billboard image that put her anorexia on display, Caro frequently discussed her eating disorder with the media. Her anorexia nervosa began when she was just thirteen years old. At age twenty, she entered a coma and nearly died of her disease, but was fortunate to survive another ten years. She was featured on a British television program called Supersize vs. Superskinny and, near the end of her life, on a National Geographic show titled Taboo: Beauty. Caro's mother expressed an irrational fear of her daughter growing larger and growing up, a fact that undoubtedly influenced the development of Caro's eating disorder. Tragically, shortly after her daughter's death at age thirty, Caro's mother committed suicide. She was interviewed in Jessica Simpson's documentary program The Price of Beauty.
Age: Nov 17, 2010  (age 30)
Birthday: September 13, 1980
Born: France
Birth Sign: Virgo

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