Nude Selfie:Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood Naked Stories
Carrie Underwood Nude Selfie
Carrie Underwood Nude Selfie
Carrie Underwood Nude Selfie
Carrie Underwood Nude Selfie
Carrie Underwood Nude Selfie
Carrie Underwood Nude Selfie

Carrie Underwood Shows No Signs of New Mom Stress in Perfectly Put Together Vacay Selfie

Carrie Underwood

Country Singer
Country singer, actress and songwriter who won six Grammy Awards from 2007 to 2013. Her first three albums went multi-Platinum after she won American Idol in 2005. When she was a child, Underwood participated in the Robbins Memorial Talent Show and sang with her church. In high school, she was a member of the Honor Society, the cheerleading squad, the basketball team, and the softball team at the same time. After winning the fourth season of American Idol, she tied with Reba McEntire for the title of Female Country Artist with the Most #1 Hits since 1991. Her mother, an elementary school teacher, and her father, a sawmill worker, raised Underwood and her two sisters, Shanna and Stephanie. She married hockey player Mike Fisher on July 10, 2010 and on February 27, 2015, she and Fisher had a son named Isaiah. She went to the birthday party of Dallas Cowboys' quarterback Tony Romo in 2007. The pair dated but broke up later that year.
Age: 32 years old
Birthday: March 10, 1983
Born: Oklahoma
Birth Sign: Pisces

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